Witold Gombrowicz

This author does not have to be introduced – his literary output entered not only the canon of required readings long ago, but also can be found in book kit of every person more or less interested in culture. In stocks of libraries belonging to the Digital Libraries Federation we cannot find Gombrowicz’s literary works, because it is still not time for putting them in the Public Domain. However we can find many essays, scientific elaborations, articles ans reviews on subjects connected with life and output of the writer. Most of them are shared by the Digital Repository of the Scientific Institutes – there are among others essays: Gombrowicz palimpsestowy; Gombrowicz i natura; Między buntem a ucieczką eng. Between rebellion and getaway (written by the famous literary critic Jan Błoński), Przyprawianie gęby Gombrowiczowi or the short story (eng. Ears) Uszy. Next in number of publications come the repositories connected with academic institutes: the Digital Repository of the Łódź University (Gombrowicz wobec “wielkości” eng. Gombrowicz and his greatness; essay about his impact on the Argentinian culture (eng. Writer as a reader) Pisarz jako czytelnik; (eng. About Kronos) O Kronosie Gombrowicza) and the Platform of Open Scientific Magazines UAM (analysis Gombrowicz and Polish films ; There is no such thing as Society. “Ferdydurke” in neoliberalism, postmodernism and gender; Łydczaność). Single objects are available also in the Multimedia Library of NN Theatre (Mowa ciała  – eng. Body Language, the theatre play review), the Digital Repository of Open Science (Poe – Gombrowicz. Crime and parody.) and the Digital Library of Płock (Gombrowicz Decade – reports that were declaimed during the scientific session on the Year of Witold Gombrowicz main event).

Stulecie Gombrowicza
Stulecie Gombrowicza
Ślub - plakat
Ślub – plakat
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