Tadeusz Konwicki

We recall a recently departed outstanding Polish director, prose and screen writer – Tadeusz Konwicki (born on June 22nd, 1926 in Nowa Wilejka, died on January 7th, 2015 in Warsaw). He gained most of his popularity because of the novels ‘Minor Apocalypse’, ‘Chronicle of Amorous Accidents’; scenarios for such movies as ‘Mother Joan of the Angels’, ‘Pharaoh’, ‘Issa Valley’, ‘Salto’ and ‘All Souls’ Day’.

In Polish digital libraries several academic works about Konwicki’s output can be found (especially from the polonistic and philosophic point of view). In the Digital Library AJD we can find articles about large amount of autobigraphical themes in chosen Konwicki’s novels (mainly in Minor Apocalypse) and also concerning ‘memory archeology‘ (important primarly because of the disinheritation feeling present in books of the writer). In the MCSU Digital Library there is a comprehensive article from 1976 about philosphy and troubles of a human as a unit in Tadeusz Konwicki’s prose.  On the other hand, in the Movie Culture magazine (1973) available in the Digital Library of Wielkopolska, on page 46 we can read an essay about one of his movies: ‘Jak daleko stąd, jak blisko…’ (eng. ‘How far from here, how near…’) It depicts the generation obsessions of the artist as for the continuator of prophets romantic tradition.


Tadeusz Konwicki portrait available in Polona

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