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Accessibility statement

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center undertakes to ensure the availability of the FBC and FBC Pro websites in accordance with the Act of 23 April 2019. informing about the availability of websites and mobile applications of public entities. This statement applies to FBC services - and -

FBC website publication date: 2008.12.02 website publication date: 2016.04.01

Date of the last major update of the FBC: 2008.10.01

Date of the last major update of the : 2016.04.01

The websites in the current version do not comply with the Act on digital accessibility for websites and mobile applications for public entities. Currently, work is underway to implement the new version of the FBC in accordance with the availability requirements. The website will expire on January 1, 2022 .

The reason for the lack of availability for the FBC and services is due to the fact that they were created before September 23, 2019 and have not been rebuilt or changed since then. Planned date of implementation of the new version of the FBC website: 2022.03.31

Standard keyboard shortcuts apply on the website.

Feedback and contact details

If you encounter problems with digital accessibility on the websites for people with disabilities please contact us. The person responsible is Justyna Wytrążeki, e-mail: fbc at . You can also contact us by calling phone number (+48 61) 858-20-02. Please use the same route to submit requests for information that is not available, and file complaints for non-availability.

Anyone has the right to request compliance with the website accessibility requirements if an element still does not meet the specified requirements.

Requirements for digital objects on the page:

Any requirements regarding the availability of objects on the FBC website should be reported to the institution that owns the data. This information is found in the metadata description for each digital object on the page.

Non-digital content requirements for FBC and content:

The applicant may request the information to be provided in an alternative format, such as reading a document. The person making the request should write:

  • your data such as name and surname, e-mail address
  • indicate the page or page element it relates to
  • specify the format of providing alternative information, if requested
  • specify your preferred method of contact

The public entity undertakes to fulfill the request immediately after receiving it, no later than 7 days. If it is not possible to meet this deadline for some reason, the public entity will inform the person submitting the request about it, when it will be possible to fulfill it. If ensuring the availability in the required format, the public entity will not be able to achieve it, it will propose an alternative method of delivering the content.

In the event that the entity refuses to comply with the request due to the impossibility of fulfilling the request, a complaint may be made against such action.

Complaints can finally be sent to Ombudsman for Citizens' Rights .

Architectural availability

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, ul. Jana Pawła II 10, 61-139 Poznań.

There is an entrance to the building from Jana Pawła II Street. There are stairs, a ramp or an elevator leading to the entrance (in the case of an elevator - the entrance from Prof. J. Rychlewskiego Street, please contact the reception in advance by phone +48 61 & nbsp; 858 20 01). The reception is located in front of the entrance. A wheelchair user can access the reception desk. There is no sign language interpreter at the reception, but if the visit is announced in advance and requires an interpreter, PSNC undertakes to provide one or organize an alternative form of communication (MJP).

A disabled toilet is available within the building. However, in the building, outside the main hall, you should move around in the presence of a person who works for PSNC. The entrance to the parking spaces for disabled people to the PSNC premises is from Jana Pawła II Street.

You can enter the building with a guide dog.

There is no Braille information in the building.