In stocks of libraries belonging to the Digital Libraries Federation we can find (or hear) jazz in many interesting forms. The most fascinating ones, for people interested in this kind of music, will be the recordings – in this case both chosen are shared by the Pomeranian Digital Library, they come from the Student Radio Agency in Gdańsk. The first one applies to the Jazz on the Odra festival from 1967 – the audition presents a historic outline, dynamically changing classical and avant-garde currents, and also artists important for Polish jazz scene. The second recording is a track Angel eyes, which beginning became a signal of SAR and it was performed by Modern Jazz Quartet. In the nearby Wejherowska Digital Library we can find a few archival articles concerning jazz music: Atmospheric jazz of Krystyna Prońko; Jazz was our freedom; Tricity stands with jazz. A very interesting publication written by Przemysław Pluciński – Freedom now! Radical jazz and social movements on the social context of jazz music can be read on the Open Journal Systems of the Adam Mickiewicz University. Other articles are also in the Adam Mickiewicz University Repository – these are among others a text about music of one of the most famous Polish jazzmen: Jazz of the movies – movies of the jazz. Something about the Krzysztof Komeda music in short movies, and also Jazz variations in young rebels cinema. The last two objects we wanted to present are connected with one of the biggest and the oldest jazz festivals in Europe – Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw. There is an album published on festival’s 30th anniversary (1958-1988) available in the National Digital Library POLONA and a beautiful poster made for the festival in 1971, shared by the UMCS Digital Library.

Jazz - Kazimierz Śramkiewicz
Jazz – Kazimierz Śramkiewicz
Jazz Jamboree 1971
Jazz Jamboree 1971
Jazz - Tadeusz Makowski
Jazz – Tadeusz Makowski
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