Magical Christmas

Continuing the series of winter posts and introducing the December mood of Christmas, we would like to present items dedicated and connected with those ones, who sense these holidays in the most incredible way – with children. In libraries of the Digital Libraries Federation we can stumble across many pictures and drawings depicting the person of Santa Claus – some as a serious saint in the icon or a majestic bishop (here or here) at wood engravings in the National Digital Museum in Warsaw. But there are also lots of children-friendly images of Saint Nicholaus; one of them can be found in the National Digital Library POLONA. Many magazines, such as for example Tygodnik Przekrój in the Digital Library of Małopolska stand up on children-friendly, animated covers of Christmas editions. Also some classic, winter, Christmas Eve’s fairy tales are worth noticing; they are mainly admirably illustrated. In POLONA we can find among others: A Folktale about a Crib, a Fantastic Fairy Tale about the Queen of Snow and a Christmas Eve Tale for Children. Lastly we would like to introduce a classical novel for older and younger readers available in Chełmska Digital Library: two volumes (1, 2) of Chrismas Carols written by Charles Dickens.

baśń o szopce POLONA
A Folktale about the Crib
Christmas Eve Tale for Children
Królowa śniegu baśń fantastyczna
Fantastic Fairy Tale about the Queen of Snow
Święty Mikołaj z wiejskim chłopcem
Santa Claus with a boy
Ikona: Św. Mikołaj Cudotwórca
Icon: Saint Nicholaus the Miracle-Worker
Święty Mikołaj, 1801 r.
Saint Nicholaus, 1801
Święty Mikołaj, 1746 r.
Saint Nicholaus, 1746
Przekrój. 1948 r. nr 193/194 (Boże Narodzenie)
Przekrój Magazine. 1948; 193/194 (Christmas)
16 December 2015 /

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