Walking in Bieszczady mountains

Along with the first really warm days of the bieginning of June, we proffer a little bit of holiday. This time it is going to be a trip into one of the most charming Polish mountains. In resources of the Digital Libraries Federation there are many archival photos documenting fauna, flora, trails, their walkers and travellers in Bieszczady. The oldest photographs can be found in the National Digital Library POLONAThey depict mainly the area of the Ukrainian Eastern Borderlands and most of them were taken before 2nd World War. In the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes we can find a few monochrome negatives of a very good quality from 70s. Among others, there is one picture of a salamander occuring in Bieszczedy forests and another one with members of a scientific expedition in Cisna. Picture documenting 18th All-Poland Friendship Rally in Bieszczady can be found in Podkarpacka Digital Library. What is more interesting, the annual rally still takes place and became a well-known tradition among summer trips in Bieszczady. Some other tidbits from resources of Polish digital libraries – in the Digital Library of Wielkopolska in the two-week tourist magazine Ziemia from 1926, there is an unusual, illustrated stroy about the trip into the Halicz Mountain in Western Bieszczady. The Jagiellonian Digital Library presents a website The National Park Bieszczady (unfortunately only in Polish) prepared by members of Scientific Inormation and Library Studies Institute of the Jagiellonian University within the Synat project.

skole droga w góry

18th Friendship Rally in Bieszczady, 1971.

2 June 2015 /

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