Polish impressionism

We present pieces of work of two greatest precursors of Polish impressionism from the turn ot the 19th and 20th century – Władysław Podkowiński and Józef Pankiewicz. Paintings, drafts and drawings of both modernistic painters are available in two Polish digital libraries: Digital National Museum in Collection of Polish Modern Art and Jagiellonian Digital Library.

Władysław Podkowiński, the most popular Polish impressionist and symbolist, despite his revolutionist for those years and far from academic style character of art, staked out a place in a prestigious series of painting albums The Album of Polish and Foreign Art from 1907, available in the Digital Library of Wielkopolska. In the same library we can find a very poetic, emotional description of his art, published in two parts of Krytyka, a month periodical dedicated to social life, science and art edited by Wilhelm Feldman in 1913.

A conservational tidbit about Józef Pankiewicz’s paintings, available in the Digital Repository of Mikołaj Kopernik University is an academic work written by Mirosław Wachowiak from the Conservatory and Restoration of Modern Art Department. It takes a comparative analysis of signatures on Pankiewicz’s oily paintings. What’s more, in the Digital Library of Małopolska we can find an Exhibition Catalogue of Pankiewicz’s artworks from 1936.


Pankiewicz, Sekwana pod Caudebec-en-Caux, 1907r.


Podkowiński, Studium blondynki, 1891r.


Pankiewicz, Kaplica w parku, 1897r.


Pankiewicz, Pont Saint-Michel w Paryżu, 1903r.


Podkowiński, Ulica Nowy Świat w Warszawie w dzień letni, 1892r.


Podkowiński, Dzieci w ogrodzie, 1892r.

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